Lynne Nesbit reading her poetry at a lunch in 2015

Poetry Lunch Fundraiser with Lynne Nesbit

On 21st July we will be having a poetry lunch fundraiser with member and resident poet Lynne Nesbit, author of Looking for Lamp-posts and Singing to Donkeys.

All are welcome to come and join us to listen to Lynne’s poetry. If you’d be interested in attending please could you let us know, either by phone (01322 663042) or email (), so we know how many numbers to cater for.

Lynne’s poetry covers the gamut from humour to tragedy and everything between. She has been writing poetry for the past 40 years, inspired by things she observes in her local area and day to day life.

If you’re interested in poetry it’s a great way to have a nice lunch enjoying listening to Lynne reading her poetry while helping to support the Centre at the same time.