What to Expect during your first Oxygen Therapy session

• First, our volunteers will help to fit you with a mask. The mask needs to have a good seal in order to ensure you get the most out of your session.

• You will then be taken into the chamber and your mask attached to the oxygen system. Two pipes are attached to either side of your mask.

• Once everyone is seated in the chamber, the door will be shut, secured and the chamber taken to the pressure relevant for that session.

• While the chamber is being pressurised you will need to equalise the pressure in your ears as you would on an aeroplane. Some methods to help can include pinching your nostrils and swallowing or pinching and gently blowing through your nose. Please see our page ‘How to Clear Your Ears’ for more information.

• Some people experience more difficulty clearing their ears than others. If you feel any pain, please inform the chamber operators immediately. There is a two-way intercom in the chamber or knock on the chamber wall to quickly alert our volunteer operators.

• It can take a little time to get used to breathing oxygen through a mask, it is fine to remove your mask temporarily during the session if you feel the need.

• After an hour the chamber will be depressurised, then the door opened and the session ends. Please hand your mask to a volunteer operator for cleaning.