The Team

Mrs Deborah Clarke, Centre Manager

Purpose of Organisation:

The Aims and Objectives of Swanley Therapy Centre (SUMS) are set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association dated 10th Feb 1989. The Centre is a Registered Charity ( No. 801112) and was established to provide Oxygen Therapy to adults with Multiple Sclerosis in Southeast London and Kent and provide a focal point for developing a number of complimentary wellbeing services. In addition to MS, Oxygen Therapy is also used in the treament of other neurological conditions, sports / soft tissue injury and post operative recuperation. Ongoing research continues in evaluating the use of Oxygen Therapy in a range of other conditions. The Centre is committted to ensuring its services and facilities can be accessed by people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds and those with physical, sensory or cognitive needs.

Activities of Your Organisation:

Swanley Therapy Centre (SUMS) aims to provide a welcoming and suportive environment and a venue for socialisation where members provide mutual suport, exchange skills and ‘expert by experience’ advice. While its principle activity is Oxygen Therapy the centre has treatments rooms for physiotherapy, chiropody / podiatry, holistic and beauty treatments, cognitive hypnotherapy and reflexology with additional treatments being developed as required. Through its website and social media network it aims to raise awareness of the MS Society and the National Therapy Centres.