100 Club

100 Club

Following on from several years of successfully running a “100 Club” at the Centre we are continuing this fundraising venture for another year.  For a modest contribution, of at least £1.00 per month, you will not only be supporting the Charity but also giving yourself a chance of winning a monthly prize.

The basic features of the 100 club lottery are as follows:

  • For a payment of £1.00 each month (payable for twelve months in advance, cash or cheque) you will be allocated one Draw Number which will be entered into a monthly draw together with Draw Numbers of fellow supporters of Swanley Therapy Centre (SUMS).
  • Lottery income will be £1200.00 per year should 100 numbers be purchased.
  • Half the total proceeds will be allocated as prizes, totalling £600.00 per year if the 100 numbers are purchased.
  • There will be a monthly draw with a prize of at least £50.00.

This has proven to be a popular way of raising money for the Centre because of the chance of winning the prize to be drawn each month.

Anyone can buy more than one Draw Number. Simply complete the application form attached and return it to the Centre, along with cash or cheque for the correct amount depending on the total numbers you required i.e. 1 for £12.00, 2 for £24.00 etc…  All forms should be returned before the 31st October, so that the administration can be completed in time for the November 2016 draw.

You will receive a membership card with your new allocated number/s for the first draw.

100 Club Rules:

The following will be the Centre Lottery Rules:

  1. The 100 Club will be operated under The Gambling Act 2005, which deals with a Small Society Lottery. The promoter will be the Treasurer of Swanley Therapy Centre (SUMS)
  2. The Club reserves the right to alter the Rules of the 100 Club from time to time, as may be necessary. A copy of the current Rules will be available at the Centre and on our website.
  3. All profits made by the 100 Club will be used to support the Centre and its
  4. The Lottery will be limited to members of Swanley Therapy Centre (SUMS), their family and friends over the age of 16 years.
  5. The subscription will be minimum £1.00 per month for twelve months, payable annually by cash or cheque prior to the 22nd November 2016. The first draw will take place on Wednesday 23rd November 2016 at The Centre, then on the 4th Wednesday each following month. Except in the event of the Centre being closed (Christmas) the draw will then take place a week earlier.
  6. On receipt of an annual payment of £12.00, the applicant will be allocated a Draw For each additional £12.00 per year a Draw Number will be allocated.
  7. A draw will take place every month for a cash prize. Winners of prizes will be notified by phone or email and the results of the draw will be open for inspection and published at the Centre. Half of the total annual subscriptions will be paid out in the form of cash prizes; for this purpose, the 100 Club year will run from (November to October).
  8. The draws will be conducted by at least 2 people; one of whom will be the Centre This will take place at the Centre on the 4th Wednesday of each month during the morning session.
  9. A 100 Club participant will not be included in the draw if the appropriate subscription has not been received by the 5th working day of the month in which the draw is taking place. The promoter reserves the right to reallocate any Draw Number where payment has not been received on time. All payments are taken in advance in our 100 club.
  10. Prizes will be paid in cash which can be collected from the Centre and only by the person allocated the winning number.
  11. In the event of there being less than 100 participants, prizes shall be awarded on a pro rata basis of the actual total of numbers brought at the time of the draw.
  12. In the event of there being more than 100 applications for numbers for the 100 Club the Club the required number of Draw Numbers will be issued to satisfy demand and prizes will be awarded on a pro rata basis of the actual number of members at the time of the draw.
  13. Participants can cancel their entry in the Lottery at any time by giving one month’s written notice to the Treasurer. Under no circumstances can any payments be refunded. Any decision by Swanley Therapy Centre (SUMS) to wind up the 100 Club will also be by one month’s written notice, should any monies still be held in trust for future draws following the winding up of the 100 club, any payments held for future draws would be returned.